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Responsible Service Of Alcohol

RSA Course

Responsible Service Of Alcohol in Australia is a very important concept in the hospitality industry. The Australian and State Governments have put into place a licensing law for those involved in supplying and serving alcohol. This is to ensure that the safety of those on a licensed premises is the number one priority of licensees, and all staff members dealing with alcohol. An RSA course aims to provide staff with the skills and knowledge to deal with all situations that can occur when serving liquor. An RSA course allows staff to serve alcohol in a licensed premises and is a requirement by law in Australia.

Where Can You Do An RSA Course?

There are numerous training providers throughout Australia where you can do an RSA course. However, each state has different requirements, and almost all states have different courses available. It is vital that you look at the requirements of the particular state you want to work in, otherwise your certification may be invalid and therefore useless. After we received a lot of comments and questions from our visitors about which training providers are accredited and offer the best prices we tracked some down for you. We have found a couple of training providers for you that have great locations for their face to face training and some who offer the RSA Online. They both offer some of the best prices we could find. We’ve mentioned these providers throughout the website so feel free to head to their website to check them out by clicking on your city on the left hand side of this page or simply follow this link if you’re looking for an Online Training Provider.If you want other specific information for your state then please click on the particular state or city you want to work in below. This will provide you with all the specific information you need to get the right RSA course.

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Who Has to Complete an

RSA Course?

Depending on the state you want to work in will generally determine which staff members need to do an RSA course. In most states, all staff who are involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol must obtain the certification. This includes bar staff, floor staff, promotional staff, licensees, approved managers and volunteers. To find out more specific information, please follow the link to the state you want to work in.

Why Do You Have To Do An

RSA Course?

An RSA course is designed as a harm minimisation method, to ensure licensed venues and their staff protect their patrons from issues that can arise due to the consumption of alcohol, and to prevent problems from occurring. The RSA course aims to highlight the legal responsibilities of all staff members to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations. The RSA course is generally a one day – 6 hour course which provides individuals with the skills and knowledge of how to supply and serve alcohol responsibly. The course also focuses on particular topics, including but not limited to;

  • Understanding the effects alcohol has on the bodyRSA Course
  • Preventing intoxication of patrons
  • The responsibilities of RSA
  • Understanding how alcohol affects the community
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Recognising the signs of intoxication
  • Refusing alcohol to minors
  • The Benefits of RSA
  • Dealing with difficult or intoxicated patrons

What If I Am Under The Age Of 18 – Can I Still Do An RSA Course?

The legal requirements of whether an underage person can gain employment and serve liquor on a licensed premises differs in every state. However, you can complete your RSA course if you are under the age of 18 in any state in Australia.

Please Note: It is against the law for any minor to consume alcohol on a licensed premises in any state in Australia.

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