RSA Course Brisbane

RSA Course Brisbane

There are no dedicated RSA Course Brisbane certificates available, however the required qualification for working in hospitality, especially licensed premises, in the state of Queensland, is the RSA-Qld certificate. The certificate and training providers must be approved by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). The course and certification aims to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to work in licensed premises, and to ensure they provide a safe and relaxed environment for their patrons. Receiving your RSA-Qld is compulsory if you are working in a licensed premises and serving alcohol in Brisbane.

RSA Course Brisbane

Where Can You Complete Your RSA Course in Brisbane?

There are a few different RSA training providers in Brisbane so we did some research for you. We have found a training provider who is accredited by the necessary authorities and offers face to face training and is also one of the cheapest courses in Brisbane. They also have a great location in Brisbane CBD so we recommend you check out this particular Brisbane Training Provider. We have also found an online provider for you who are accredited and offer their online course for $59 ~ which is the cheapest course we could find. So if you want to stay at home and do the course in the comfort of your own home, then we recommend you checkout this Online Training Provider.

What does an RSA Course Brisbane involve?

The RSA course Brisbane aims to teach employees how to:RSA Course Brisbane

  • Deal with difficult patrons
  • Understand facts relating to alcohol
  • Define a standard drink
  • Prevent minors consuming alcohol
  • Refuse service to intoxicated patrons
  • Improve atmosphere of the premises

RSA Course Brisbane

Is A Queensland RSA Certificate Compulsory to Work in Brisbane?

A licensee and all staff performing the service of liquor must have a current QLD RSA certificate. This includes, but is not limited to floor staff, bartenders, managers and room service staff.

Please Note: A Nationally recognised RSA Certificate is NOT accepted in Brisbane or anywhere in Queensland.

How much Will A Qld RSA Course Cost?

Depending on your location, you will find the courses range between $60 – $120, so please do your research to ensure the RSA Course Brisbane is the correct course for working in Queensland.

RSA Course Brisbane

What If I Am Under the Age of 18?

You are able to gain employment in a bar or licensed premises before you are 18 years of age you want to gain employment in a bar or in licensed premises in Brisbane The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Liquor Act 1992, under the relevant Act, allows for minors to work at licensed premises. The act does not set a minimum age limit. However, you will need to contact the employer you wish to work for, as not all employers will hire people under the age of 18

How Long Do I Have To Complete The QLD RSA Training?

30 days from commencement of employment is the required time for obtaining an RSA certificate.

Does the RSA Certificate Expire?

A Queensland RSA certificate will expire after 3 years. Staff are then required to renew their approved RSA training course.

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Jaimee has spent several years in the hospitality industry, managing licensed venues on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She knows first hand the importance of staff and managers completing their RSA certificate. Please feel free to ask her any questions you have about working in the hospitality industry or about completing your RSA certification in any state within Australia.