RSA Course Online

RSA Course Online

RSA Course Online

For many consecutive years, extreme alcohol consumption has long been a problem, not only in Australia but across many countries. Because of the problems alcohol pose to adults and the younger generation, Australia took action by mandating everyone who is involved in the liquor industry to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certification. They can receive this certification through different ways and one of which is through an RSA Course Online.

Where can you take an RSA Course Online?

An RSA course online must only be facilitated by an accredited and approved online trainer. A lot of people now prefer to complete an RSA course online. It is easy, quick and they don’t need to leave their house to complete an RSA course. We’ve sussed out a few training providers for you and we recommend you checkout this Online Training Provider. They are accredited by the government and they only charge $59, which is the cheapest online course we could find.

If you want to complete your RSA Online in NSW, the NSW government have finally introduced online accreditation with a few NSW training providers. We sussed out one training provider for you who has been accredited by the NSW government so definitely check them out.

Who are those people required to have an RSA course online?

As mentioned above, most states and territories in Australia require everyone who is involved in the liquor industry to complete an RSA course and receive an RSA certificate beforeRSA Course Online they are allowed to work and serve alcohol in licensed bars, pubs or restaurants.

The staff required to receive an RSA course online are the following (but not limited to):

  • Bar and floor staff
  • Waiter and waitresses
  • Field staff hired for public promotions
  • Security guards
  • Students or volunteers undergoing on the job training
  • Licensees

There are a lot of training providers who offer accredited RSA courses online and RSA certifications. Each state and territory varies in regards to the rules and regulations for an RSA course online. There are some states in Australia that accepts NAC (Nationally Accredited Course) for training purposes however some require face to face training.

What are the States in Australia that accepts an RSA Online Certificate?

As soon as trainees complete their full RSA courses online, they will receive two RSA Certificates, an Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Certificate (OLGR) and a National Statement of Attainment (NSA) Certificate. OLGR is accepted in Queensland, while WA, NT and SA accept NSA. NSW also finally accepts online accreditation but it must not be completed interstate. The only online RSA Course that will be accepted is one completed with a NSW training provider.

How much is the Cost of An RSA Course Online

Each and every RSA course online provider varies in the cost of their service. But generally, it is between $50 – $80, depending on how they deliver the training. We found a training provider who offers the certificate for $59. So we recommend you check them out.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol course online encourages and motivates everyone in the industry to become responsible citizens of Australia in regards to alcohol intake. With this training, hopefully, there will be no problems with alcohol consumption anymore


About Jaimee

Jaimee has spent several years in the hospitality industry, managing licensed venues on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She knows first hand the importance of staff and managers completing their RSA certificate. Please feel free to ask her any questions you have about working in the hospitality industry or about completing your RSA certification in any state within Australia.