Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Queensland (QLD) RSA

It is mandatory for people in Queensland’s liquor industry to have a current Queensland (Qld) RSA certificate provided by an Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) approved trainer. If you are looking for employment as a casual, part-time, full time or plan on doing any work whatsoever in a licensed venue involving serving liquor, then you must obtain your RSA QLD. The course is aimed to provide staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all of their patrons.

Where Can I Do the RSA QLD

Training Course?

There are a few places where you can do a RSA QLD course throughout the state of Queensland. You are able to complete the course either face to face or some providers offer this course online. This must be an OLGR approved trainer and this is different to the national accreditation. We have done a bit of research for you to find a training provider in the best location and that offer the best price. If you want to complete your RSA online then we recommend this Online Training Provider, they are accredited by the necessary authorities and you can complete the course at home. Or, if you would prefer to do face to face training then we recommend this Brisbane Training Provider who are located in Brisbane CBD.

There are numerous training providers listed on this website so much sure you have a look around and compare different locations and prices to find one that suits your budget. If you have any questions about a particular training provider then please feel free to leave a message or comment below and we’ll suss them out for you.

Who Has To Complete RSA QLD Training?

It is imperative that all staff employed on a licensed premises have a current RSA Qld certificate. This pertains to the licensee and any member of staff who is involved in the service or supply of liquor. This includes bartenders, floor hostesses, approved managers and room service staff.

Why Do You Have To Complete An RSA Certificate?

The RSA QLD certificate aims to ensure staff are able to deal with the following:

  • Handling intoxicated or difficult customers RSA Qld
  • Difficulties associated with excessive drinking
  • Important facts about alcohol
  • Ensuring a safe environment for their customers
  • Understand the legal ramifications towards alcohol
  • Improving the atmosphere of the venue

How Much Will an RSA QLD

Course Cost?

You can expect that a RSA QLD course will cost between $50-$90, whether you do it online or at a training venue. The most important aspect is to ensure that the company you choose to do the course with is approved by the OLGR. As mentioned above we have found two training providers for you who are approved by the necessary authorities and offer some of the cheapest courses we could find.


How Long Do I Have to

Complete The RSA Training?

As of 1st January 2009, you must obtain an RSA certificate within 30 days of starting employment.

When Does A RSA QLD Expire?

The RSA certificate is valid for 3 years. You will then be required to re-do an approved RSA training course.

How Long Will It Take To Complete Your RSA Certificate?

When completing the course face-to-face, it will generally take between four to five hours. If completing the course online, it can take about the same amount of time, unless you decide not to complete the entire course at one time. You can do it over a series of sessions. For a full list of training providers, please follow this RSA QLD training providers link.

If there are any questions that you still have about completing your RSA QLD training, then please do not hesitate to post a comment on this page or send us a message and a staff member will endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible.


About Jaimee

Jaimee has spent several years in the hospitality industry, managing licensed venues on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She knows first hand the importance of staff and managers completing their RSA certificate. Please feel free to ask her any questions you have about working in the hospitality industry or about completing your RSA certification in any state within Australia.