RSA Course: Introduction to Working in A Bar

What Happens After You Get Your RSA Course:
Introduction to A Bar


Being fully of your workplace, from the tools and equipment used, the routines followed and beverages and food on the menu is just some of the many factors that can help you become a good bartender.  However, before anyone is allowed to work as one, he or she is required to complete an RSA course first.  As soon as you acquire an RSA certificate, you can then take on a career in bars, pubs, restaurants or in any licensed venue of Australia. If you are a bartender, or working in a bar, perhaps it can’t be stressed enough of how essential it is that you master the basics of working in a bar.  You need to know the correct locations of the spill mats, napkins, salt dishes, when to use the stirrer, how to indicate that the customer is being served and many more.  If you want to become an efficient and great bartender, then this video should be useful to you so check it out.

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About Jaimee

Jaimee has spent several years in the hospitality industry, managing licensed venues on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She knows first hand the importance of staff and managers completing their RSA certificate. Please feel free to ask her any questions you have about working in the hospitality industry or about completing your RSA certification in any state within Australia.